SGS Compilation CD Release
Seacoast Guitarists - Volume I

The Seacoast Guitar Society is pleased to announce the 2002 release of its second compilation CD, titled Seacoast Guitarists- Volume I.

It features two cuts each by seven local artists: Harvey Reid, Denny Breau, Chris O'Neill, Randy Armstrong, Jim Gallant, Lincoln Meyers and Dan Miner.

The Songs:

Harvey Reid

Star Island Jig
Fluf's Vacation

Denny Breau Betty
Rooney's Waltz
Chris O'Neill Roscoe & Becky
Randy Armstrong Seven to Twelve
Tribute II
Jim Gallant Diggin' In The Clam Flats
Little Perle
Lincoln Meyers Beaumont Rag
Red Haired Boy/Salt Creek
Dan Miner I'll Think About It
Little Baby

You can purchase your copy of Seacoast Guitarists from the online web store

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