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The Seacoast Guitar Society, like any non-profit organization, depends on public support through memberships, sponsorships and donations. Your support is vital, and your contributions are tax deductible. [The SGS is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation.] You can join by mail, fax, phone, or use our online membership form. You will receive a membership card, and all member benefits according to your level of membership.

We plan to bring to the area some of the finest guitarists in the world, to sponsor and promote a variety of educational events, and to involve the existing members of the local guitar community in as many ways as possible. You can enjoy the concerts if you are a music lover, or you or your family can benefit from the master classes and workshops if you are a guitar player yourself. We want to take an active role in helping you learn about guitar, to introduce you to musicians you haven't heard of, and to help find the right teacher if you want to learn to play. And of course you can enjoy the social benefits of being part of the guitar-loving community, and make some new friends.

The larger membership base we can build, the more types of concerts and events we can organize, the more we will be able to bring in brilliant but lesser-known artists, and the more variety we can offer in both entertainment and education.

Read the welcome letter from Harvey Reid

Basic Membership Benefits:

Levels of Membership:

Friend $40 Single Year Basic Membership
Student $25 Single Year Basic Membership
Musician * $40 Single Year Basic Membership
Annual Pass $75 Single Year Basic Membership
Plus "Season Ticket" - a FREE PASS to all concerts while your membership is current
Patron  $125 Single Year Basic Membership
Plus 2 "Season Tickets" - 2 FREE PASSES to all concerts while your membership is current
Benefactor $250 Single Year Basic Membership
Plus 4 FREE PASSES to all concerts while your membership is current
Gold Circle $500 Single Year Basic Membership
Plus 6 FREE PASSES to all concerts while your membership is current

To sign up now follow this link to our Membership Application - temporarily disabled due to spammers

Other Options for Supporting the SGS

If you are interested in finding out more about sponsorship and corporate donor options please see our Sponsorship page or send an email to

As a guitarist, you become eligible to have your own Artist Profile web page in our Directory of Guitarists for an additional $20 per year fee. We will create a web page with your photo, bio and professional information and post it in our directory, in order that someone who was looking for a guitarist or guitar teacher could locate you. We hope this will help bands find members, and help local guitarists find gigs, students and recording sessions. For details on how to sign up for your own Artist Profile web page go to the Guitarist Directory page.

Join the E-Mail List AnywayEven if you don't choose to become an SGS member right now, but you do like guitar music, please send us an e-mail and become part of our regional e-mailing list. We would like to send you occasional e-mail messages to announce and publicize our projects and events. Wouldn't it be nice to get an e-mail that wasn't spam, that actually invited you to do something interesting close to home? Just tell us what town you live in (so we can target our mailings better) and anything else you'd like to see us do, or who your favorite guitar players are. We won't sell your name or abuse your information.

Seacoast Guitar Society
PO Box 815 York, ME 03909
207-363-1886 (phone)

The Seacoast Guitar Society is a not-for-profit 501 c(3) corporation

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