Acoustic Blues Mondays 7-10pm
at Inn On The Blues - York Beach Maine

Inn On The Blues

The Seacoast Guitar Society is working in conjunction with the Inn On The Blues to bring you the best in acoustic blues music. Starting July 9,, 2007 there will be free music from 7-10pm at Inn on the Blues located right in the heart of downtown York Beach at Short Sands (looking at the ocean!), and serves a full menu of blues food and drinks.

Monday July 9, 2007
Chris Kleeman

Chris Kleeman is a master blues singer and song stylist. A performer of great energy and focus, Chris is based in the Green Mountains of Southern Vermont. Now, you may say, a Blues musician from Vermont??? You better believe it! In 1970, B.B. King produced Chris¹ first album, along with his partner at the time, Malkum Gibson.Since that time, Chris has focused on a solo career, playing in venues all over the country for over 25 years.

Monday July 16, 2007
Frank Fotusky

Frank Fotusky plays Acoustic Blues in the style reminiscent of the great East Coast "Piedmont" players such as Rev. Gary Davis, Blind Boy Fuller, John Jackson, Blind Willie McTell to name a few. A majority of his material is culled from the '20's, '30's and '40's and Acoustic Blues and Guitar Rags are the foundation of his music. Along with this repertoire, his original compositions are rooted in this era and still carry a contemporary feel. East coast or "Piedmont Blues," as it is so often called, consists of sophisticated syncopation with fingerpicked guitar. The result is a sound that resembles that of the ragtime piano.

Monday July 23, 2007
Harvey Reid

Buddy Shute

Monday July 30, 2007
Buddy Shute

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, and spending 10 years in New Orleans, Buddy understands the delta feel better than most in the seacoast area. A talented guitar player and songwriter, Buddy has two solo CDs, "Outstanding In His Field" and "Ozark Moon". Buddy also performs with local blues band Roundhouse, who represnted Maine in the 2006 International Blues Competition in Memphis, TN.

August 6, 2007
Bob Halperin

Bob is most known for his intricate acoustic blues and slide work, but over his long career he has also played and sung in many blues, jug, zydeco and folk bands. He has recorded one solo CD, and done a great deal of session work during his years in Cambridge MA and in the Seacoast area. He studied with Rev. Gary Davis, and has performed with many notable musicians.

Monday August 13, 2007
Frank Corso

Frank Corso is a master of early Delta and Piedmont blues and ragtime guitar styles, and his snappy fingerpicking and slashing slide guitar will make anybody's foot start tapping. It's 1935 all over again when Frank unpacks his National guitars and starts hollering his versions of classics by Robert Johnson, Tampa Red, Willie Johnson, Willie McTell, and other blues pioneers.


Chris O'Neill

Monday August 20 , 2007
Chris O'Neill with Mica Peterson

Chris O'Neill

Monday August 27 , 2007
Paul Geremia

Paul Geremia's performances are a blend of acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonica and sometimes piano. For nearly forty years, Geremia has been surviving solely by the fruit of his musical labors. He has performed all over the USA and is just as well known in Europe, Canada and England. Paul is possibly the greatest living performer of the East Coast and Texas finger-picking and slide styles, six and twelve strings. Covers of Blind Willie McTell, Tampa Red, Lemon Jefferson, and Blind Blake (to name just a few) will raise the hair on your neck. John Hammond says he'd drive a thousand miles to see Paul play ... enough said!

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