Seacoast Guitar Festival
Friday & Saturday April 1 - 2 2005 8pm
Unitarian Church, Portsmouth NH

TICKETS & RESERVATIONS: Tickets are $15 advance, $18 door/ $12 students( 2-day pass $25, students $20) , on the web, phone: 207-363-1886 , at Tweeter Etc. (Newington) Earcraft (Dover), Acoustic Outfitters (Stratham), Tulips (Portsmouth), Red Carpet (Durham) and Gravestone Artwear (York ). The Seacoast Guitar Society is a non-profit organization to benefit the guitar lovers of the area. Musicians, students and fans are encouraged to join and support our cause..

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DETAILS: The Unitarian Church (usually called the South Church) is one of the finest examples in the US of Greek revival architecture, and is a wonderful room for music, both acoustically and in atmosphere. It holds about 500 people, and the sound is great even in the back of the room. It is a favorite location for concerts in the Seacoast.

Wheelchair access: Yes

About Seacoast Guitar Festival: The SGS is presenting the 2nd guitar festival, with 8 performers and 2 nights of music. Friday night will be songwriter night, hosted by Joyce Andersen, and Harvey Reid will host the Sat night Guitar Night. Appearing Friday night will be Joyce Andersen, Steve Gillette, Peter and Lou Berryman + Andrew Calhoun. Sat night will be Harvey Reid, Stephen Bennett, Mary Flower + Chris Kleeman. Don't miss this chance to see these wonderful players in this glorious room.

Steve Gillette has long been considered to be one of today's finest singer-songwriters. His rich voice, innovative guitar work and impressive legacy of songs has inspired glowing reviews from the critics and the deep loyalty of his fans. Since Ian and Sylvia first recorded Darcy Farrow in 1966, Steve's songs have been sung by dozens of major artists including Garth Brooks, John Denver, Nanci Griffith, Waylon Jennings, Anne Murray, Tony Rice, Kenny Rogers, Linda Ronstadt, Jerry Jeff Walker and Tammy Wynette.
Steve's first album, Steve Gillette, released in the Spring of 1968, immediately put him on the map of folk songwriters, and since then he has continued to write and perform, and has toured 31 countries. He has taught numerous workshops and seminars on songwriting, guitar theory, and record production, and is the author of the book "Songwriting and the Creative Process." Steve's film credits include writing and singing the main title theme for M.G.M.'s The Outfit, Walt Disney's The Pond, The Grass Is Greener, Summer Run, and Door To Door. Steve has also written songs for the Walt Disney characters Jiminy Cricket, Dumbo, Rainbow Brite, and Winnie-the-Pooh. He lives in Vermont, and performs with his wife, Cindy Mangsen.
Andrew Calhoun's has been called "one of contemporary folk's top songwriters" (by the Chicago Tribune) and one of "...the greatest songwriters of his generation." His complex, poetic songs and powerful performances have led many to heap the highest praise on his art. His songs are unpredictable; sometimes dark and angular, sometimes romantic and lovely, always probing and petetrating, and they swirl between pain, beauty and fun in a way that only Calhoun can manage. His dense, image-filled songs combine with his vibrant sense of humor and considerable guitar skills to make his performances unpredictable, image-rich poetic journeys with emotionally charged tales and fun sing-alongs like "You Never Can Have Enough Pens." Acoustic blues, folk, and classical guitar studies influence his fluid fingerpicking guitar style. In concert he performs original music written over thirty years, contemporizes old Scottish ballads, recites poetry, and even covers other writer's songs. Now living in Portland, Oregon, he recently released his 9th album.
At age 7, Andrew memorized W. B. Yeats' "Song of Wandering Aengus," earning a nickel from his mother. He got his first guitar in 1967 at the age of 10 and began performing in the Chicago folk scene in the late seventies. He has since toured internationally, performing at folk clubs and festivals, pubs and house concerts. He gives workshops in creative songwriting, great songs of the New Folk movement, Scottish folk ballads, and music theory for guitarists. In 1992, Calhoun founded Waterbug Records, an artists' cooperative folk label which has grown to over 50 titles, bringing some of the brightest singer-songwriters and folk musicians to an international audience. His recordings have been released on Hogeye, Flying Fish and Waterbug.
Peter & Lou Berryman hail from Wisconsin, and for over 30 years they have been creating and performing their own zany brand of folk music. Their 14 recordings chronicle an almost overwhelming body of mostly hilarious and fiendishly clever songs on topics ranging from the weather, cheese, children, romance, and anything imaginable. Lou plays mostly accordion, though she is accomplished on piano, harpsichord, banjo, viola de gamba, saxophone, lute, and guitar. She has a degree in art history, writes the melodies, and fills the tank. Peter used to be an illustrator, writes the lyrics, plays 12 string guitar, has taken photographs with a camera suspended from a kite, and checks the oil.
Their deadpan delivery generally leave their listeners holding their sides with laughter, as well as puzzled and perplexed, and trying desperately to remember enough of the Berryman's wacky songs to be able tell their friends about it. This will be their first ever Seacoast appearance.
Durham native Joyce Andersen is the Seacoast's hottest rising folk artist, and is gaining nationwide recognition as a solo artist after a decade of playing in countless bands and recording sessions. Her solo CD's have received rave reviews, and a great deal of attention and considerable airplay in the folk and bluegrass circles. She performed at the Phildelphia Folk festival, and was a featured performer on World Cafe and Mountain Stage, nationally syndicated concert radio programs. She is about to release her 4th solo album.


The only person to win the prestigious national guitar competition in its 30 year history in both fingerpicking and flatpicking styles, Stephen Bennett is a very sought-after performer on the guitar circuit. His fretboard wizardy and mesmerizing stage presence leave people shaking their heads with amazement as he runs the gamut of celtic fiddle tunes, Broadway show tunes, Joplin rags, slide guitar Delta blues, Beatles songs, and anything else that suits his moods. He is truly one of the great acoustic guitarists of our time, and local fans are still talking about his performance for the Seacoast Guitar Society in 2001. He has produced over a dozen recordings of his guitar work, and aside from his impressive work on the six-string guitar, Stephen is also one of the world's premiere performers on the 14-string harp guitar, an instrument he inherited from his great-grandfather. As a composer and arranger, he has created an enduring repertoire and a significant body of recorded work for this instrument.

Mary is a veteran blues singer and guitarist and for over 25 years she has developed her own distinctive style of acoustic blues and folk music. She is widely regarded for her teaching, lively performances and innovative guitar arrangements. She draws from her own songwriting, popular and traditional songs, and commands a vast repertoire of acoustic blues, folk and ragtime music. Considered to be in the forefront of today's women guitarists, Mary is a formidable player, in addition to being a captivating performer and singer, and a prolific songwriter. She placed 3rd in the National Fingerpicking Competition, and has appeared on Prairie Home Companion and concert stages nationwide. She plays acoustic and slide guitar as well as Hawaiian lap dobro. She lives in Oregon, though she spent much of her career teaching guitar in Denver and raising her children.
Chris Kleeman has been called "Vermont's best kept secret", and his fiery performances were legendary around Northern New England in the 1970's and 80's. He was among the first in this area to stand out as a "take no prisoners" fingerpicker, songwriter and song interpreter. He has made several recordings, his first album in 1970 was produced by B.B. King, and he has performed with B.B. at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival, as well as a star-studded list of blues legends, including Buddy Guy, David Bromberg, Koko Taylor, and many others. A master of Delta blues and acoustic slide guitar, Chris also performs with 12-string and sometimes electric guitar, weaving his own compositions and arrangements of folk & rock classics together with his large repertoire of classic blues. Chris has resumed performing recently after a long hiatus, and currently lives in rural Vermont with his family, where he is also a highly regarded chef.
Reid is one of the Seacoast area's best-known musicians, who has released 18 recordings and toured extensively across the US and abroad for the last 25 years. A former national guitar and autoharp champion, he has shared the stage with many of the great pickers of today; Acoustic Guitar Magazine chose his "Steel Drivin' Man" as one of Top 10 Folk CD's of all time, and GUITAR PLAYER Magazine has called him “a giant of the steel strings," including him in its list of 20 essential acoustic guitar CD's. Reid is the founder and director of the Seacoast Guitar Society.

ARTIST WEB SITES: Joyce Andersen, Steve Gillette, Peter & Lou Berryman + Andrew Calhoun. Sat night will be Harvey Reid, Stephen Bennett, Mary Flower + Chris Kleeman.

DIRECTIONS: The Unitarian Church is located 1 block behind the North Church (the tallest building in Portsmouth) on the 1-way street (State St) that runs the opposite direction from Congress (Daniel St - it has 3 names in 4 blocks!) The best place to park is on the street or in the High St parking garage, about 2.5 blocks away. Exit 7 from Rt 95 = Market St. (just before bridge to Maine). Go to end, you'll be in front of North church. Drive around behind it.

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